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Life Assurance

The responsibility that is laid upon us as parents to nurture children’s future can be affected negatively by unexpected eventuality.

The fact is that we all do not know when it will be our last day on earth. Yet the upbringing of our children requires financial support from us as parents. In order to make provision for such unexpected eventuality we have to take life insurance policy to replace our income when we die. No one wants a child or their loved ones to downgrade their standard of living after they have passed on. 

We at Afrovision offer tailor made solutions that will give peace of mind in the event of passing on of a bread winner. In addition to loss of income through death, there are other benefits that are of utmost important like disabilitydread diseases and sickness benefits. In the event of disability, your monthly expenses still stand which means that your responsibilities remain the same. Afrovision assists in making sure that in the event of disability you have a plan that will give you a lump sum to settle all your debts and also have a monthly income to maintain your standard of living. You can be diagnosed with a condition that is covered by the medical aid. However, some conditions might be too expensive and take too long to heal, such that medical aid funds end up being exhausted. We at Afrovision provide a solution by offering dread disease benefit that will pay out in the event of diagnosis.  

The moment of losing a member of the family is strenuous. We might have enough liquid cash saved at the bank for such event, but immediately when life is lost bank account for the deceased gets frozen. This prevents access into the deceased bank account which makes it difficult to arrange for funeral. We at Afrovision offer a solution to that problem in a sense that we have funeral policy that pays out within 48 hours to the nominated beneficiary.